Uni Butter Toast

Uni Butter Toast

Recipe Description

Avocados, you had a good run with toast. But it’s time to step aside gracefully. Uni butter on toast is a match made in heaven. It’s simple, indulgent, tasty, and can be quickly whipped up for a satisfying snack or any meal of the day.

Serves 1-2


-1.5 Tablespoons Salty Gold Uni Butter 

-1 slice bread (sourdough or brioche)

  1. Insert toast into the toaster. Toast bread until GBD (golden, brown, delicious). Suggested starting point is 60% power capacity of the toaster (i.e. 6/10).
  2. Remove toast and immediately spred the unit butter onto the toast, spreading butter evenly from top to bottom.
  3. Enjoy!

Garnish ideas: 

Thinly sliced vegetables (cherry tomatoes or radishes), prosciutto, delicate herbs (basil or tarragon), pickles (capers or cornichons)

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