Michelin-curated, locally sourced.

Created by a Michelin Star trained chef and environmental scientist, Uni butter is a foodie's dream.

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  • Sophia Pollack, Food Scientist & Chef

    "As a butter fanatic, this may be my new favorite! The fattiness of the butter pairs exceptionally well with the saltiness and umami of the uni. A great addition to pasta, on toast, or a substitute for almost any application."

  • Pete Pearson, World Wildlife Fund

    "The Uni Butter is salty, creamy, unique, and delicious. It gives me hope that this new and creative food product also helps to solve environmental issues. What is not to love about this story?"

  • Ali Bouzari, Food Scientist & Chef

    "It tastes phenomenal. Similar to cultured butter, but with an extra deep baseline of umami. This is a unique opportunity to eat something tasty that also has a positive environmental impact."

Everyday recipes go wild.

Add a spoonful to pasta, toast, and meats for an insanely mouthwatering flavor. Easy as can be.